Camera operation

Recording a video

Photo mode is enabled by default, to change this:

Select the correct video settings:

1. Tap the camera icon in the lower left corner 2. Swipe to change the shooting mode to Stitched Video.


Press the circle in the lower centre of the screen to start and stop video recording.

In the lower right corner is the settings button for the current video mode. Recommended video settings are on next page.

*The Camera can be used to take both 360 panoramic photos & 360 videos.

Camera settings

Tap the Settings button in the lower right corner of the camera to enter the photo/video settings.

Recommended Stitched Video settings include

  • Resolution: 4K, 30fps
  • Countdown: 3 sec
  • PilotSteady: Enabled
  • Orientation: Fixed

Viewing and deleting videos

The Gallery is used to view and manage photos and videos on the camera.


Tap a photo/video to enter playback view. In playback view, double-tap the screen or tap the icon in the upper right corner to switch the view mode. View modes include: Little Planet, Equirectangular, Fisheye, and Rectilinear. Tap the round arrows on the middle of the playback view to switch to the previous/next photo.


Tap or pull down the top bar to display options for selecting, sharing and settings. You can select multiple photos and delete them in batches by first pressing the select button then choosing the photos to be deleted.

Wifi connection

The 360 camera supports a Wifi connection for wireless video uploads.

When connected to the network, the current network type is displayed in the upper left corner of the system top bar.

WiFi Setup
The camera should automatically connect to the LOR IT “Green Network” when on any Laing O’Rourke construction site or office.
If for any reason another wifi network needs to be used, follow the below steps.

  1. Open Settings – WiFi,
  2. Enable WiFi
  3. Select a WiFi network to connect to
  4. Use the touchpad to enter the network password.

Charging and PC Connection

Charging & PC Connection

Connect the camera to your Windows computer using the included USB Type-C cable inserted in the port in the base of the camera. This cable is used to charge the camera using the 240v USB wall plug.

Upon connection to the computer, an external hard drive called “Pilot One” will appear in My Computer. The storage path for photos and videos is

  • Videos: DCIM – Videos – Stitched
  • Photos: DCIM – Photos – Stitched