Site Administration

Site administration overview

BuiltView is grouped into Sites which are a collection of video and photo captures with a group of users. All media content in a site is visible by its members. Users can be members of multiple sites if the work across multiple projects or their project is broken down into multiple sites.

For instance, a large project may have a BuiltView site for the main contractors team and a site for client updates. Clients wouldn’t be members of the main contactors team and would not see their uploads.

Admins are originally appointed by the BuiltView team when a new site is setup. Future admins can be appointed by those site admins.

Accessing site administration

If you have administrator rights you will have visibility of the Admin menu choice on the left hand navigation.

Managing members

The Administration/Members section is the easiest way to get an overview of all of the site members and manage their access.

New members can be invited from this screen by adding emails separated with a , and submitting the invite button.

Admins can be allocated by checking the box next to their names.

Removing access is done by clicking the “Remove” button

Pending Invites are where invites have been sent but the user has not yet accepted their email invitation. You can resend the email invites from here or revoke the invite if it was sent by accident.

Managing videos

An administrator easily see all of the videos that are on the site and their processing status. Videos that are uploading and processing will also appear here prior to them being made public.

Admins can delete any site videos directly from this section.

Editing site details

Admins can edit the name of their site from this screen. This will update the site name on the home page, filters and the video player page.