Video upload: Wifi

The camera’s Gallery can share photos and videos to the BuiltView platform while connected to wifi. To share, follow the below steps.

On the Gallery homepage, Tap or pull down the top bar, then tap the share button before selecting Google Drive. The BuiltView Google Drive is already be setup, so press SELECT at the next screen and then choose the videos you wish to upload.

After selecting videos, press UPLOAD in the lower right corner of the screen.

Due to the size of the files, for best results we recommend selecting and sharing all required videos with Google Drive, then leaving the camera overnight to upload.

Editing video uploads

After the videos have successfully uploaded, they will appear on the BuiltView page. They will however require additional information to enable searching and good record keeping practices.

To add tags and descriptions, follow the below steps

  1. Log into https://app.builtview.com using single sign on
  2. Open the video you wish to add tags & a description to
  3. Scroll down and select the EDIT button beneath the video
  4. Add a brief description to help others understand the content of the video. E.g. “Walkthrough of level 7 between grid X and Y to capture final curtain wall installation”.
  5. Add tags to enable rapid video filtering
  6. Press UPDATE

Video upload: Web

If Wifi is not available, the BuiltView web platform can be used to upload and tag videos. To do this, follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to https://app.builtview.com/ using your Laing O’Rourke credentials by clicking USE SINGLE SIGN ON
  2. Click “Upload” on the left hand navigation
  3. You can drag your video directly into the upload box and add your video details. Builtview supports .mov, .mp4 in both standard and 360 video