Video player

Play, Pause, Rotate, Zoom

From the home screen, clicking on a thumbnail will open the media page.


From there, the play button in the lower left will start video playback.


At any time, videos can be paused by pressing the PAUSE button in the lower left or hitting the SPACE BAR.


Clicking and dragging the screen will rotate the view in any direction.


For closer inspection, use the mouse SCROLL WHEEL to zoom in and out.

Sharing Videos

To share a video, first open the video playback page and scroll to the bottom, where you have the choice of two sharing options.

Generate Private Link
Selecting COPY PRIVATE LINK AT CURRENT TIME will create a URL link that you can paste (e.g. into emails, chats, FieldView, etc.) to share with only the people that have access to the BuiltView project containing the video. The link will open at the time in the video when the link button was pressed.

Video comments

Using comments in videos and photos allows members of sites to collaborate and build workflows around the captures. For instance, a comment can be made and another member @mentioned so they are notified of an action to take. Those comments are made at exactly the angle and frame that the video was paused at. Those comments can be shared externally for external viewers.

Add a comment by pausing the video at the exact frame you want to make the comment

View a comment by clicking on the comment and it will position the video to that exact view

Share a comment by clicking the comment share button and past the unique url into an email or other system that you need to store it in.

Video speech to text

Any video that is uploaded to BuiltView can have any audio narration converted into text so it can be documented and searched at a later stage.

To enable speech to text open the edit dialogue on the video and select “Audio enabled”. The transcription tab will then appear next to comments.

Editing and changing video settings

If you are the video owner or a site admin you have the rights to edit a video. Select the “Edit” button on the video player screen and you can make the following changes.