Construction site progress with 360 video

BuiltView keeps construction progressing with dedicated 360 video cameras and web platform for easy recording, live streaming and sharing


Capture easily with dedicated 360 camera


Automatic Upload to Builtview


View 360 video footage anywhere

Finally, a 360 camera connects to wifi and uploads for you

Get the full picture with 360 videos

Use handheld, drones or car attachment to video an entire site in 360 high quality footage

Engage offsite stakeholders with Live stream

Use 360 video for live updates with remote stakeholders

Automatic upload over wifi

No need for cables and comptuers, simply connect the charger and the camera does the rest using wifi

Videos are automatically uploaded to BuiltView so everybody gets online site access

Collaborate with site teams

Comment on videos at a specific point in time, angle and zoom, then share using external links

External sharing

Work with external stakeholders by sharing secure private links to videos so they don’t have to attend site

Speech to Text

Streamline site diaries and documentation by automatically converting your video narration to searchable text

Location Awareness

Our AI automatically maps out the walking route so you can quickly jump to locations you want to view

Everyone gets access to site conditions,
no matter where they are

Avoid program delays

Remote site workers monitor progress with constant access to site conditions to track subcontractor works, facilitate planning and raise requests for information.

For those working onsite, the simple capture process adds minimal time to their walkthroughs.

Site Engineer

“I do regular site walks anyway, so capturing 360 footage with the dedicated camera isn’t much extra work for me. When I’m working from home, I’m constantly looking at it, so I’m happy to do the recording when it’s my turn.”

Protect against claims with 360 video site diaries

Site Engineers can save time by narrating while capturing the daily 360 video site walk. Builtview converts audio into searchable text so Commercial Managers can easily find evidence in the event of claims.

Ben Davidson
Commercial Manager

“Site diaries have never been so comprehensive since having site engineers narrate searchable text.”

Reduce costs from consultants

Grant external stakeholders site access without the travel and site inductions. External consultants can now provide advice without the minimum travel charge.

Gavin Rogers
Project Leader

BuiltView meant our architects could do site reports without ever stepping onsite. It has saved us plenty of unnecessary travel charges

Our simple pricing model means a project teams can get started with a single camera across multiple users and requirements

BuiltView 360 Camera

The first 360 camera customised for construction that uploads to a dedicated collaboration platform.

BuiltView Platform Subscription

Keep everyone on the same page with a secure 360 video platform customised for your project.

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